Welcome to Nu Vizhn
"An innovative solutions Company!"

Partnering with global companies, organizations, and dynamic individuals for a brighter and sustainable future for all Native American and Indigenous communities; and for the preservation of our sacred earth.

Who We Are

A Native American Company dedicated to improving the social and economic development of it's nations, and the preservation of our sacred earth.

It is our "Nu Vizhn" and mission to seek and establish key partnerships with government, corporate, and private organizations and to intermediate between the Native American and Indigenous communities within these relationships for the benefit of future economic and social development and the preservation of our sacred lands and resources.

Nu Vizhn has identified the alarming modern social statistics that plague our Native American and Indigenous communities and has created a business model solution to help alleviate the tremendous need for social and economic reform within our nations.

By aligning ourselves with various global industries, we have established a means to accomplish our mission by creating opportunities for our nations that otherwise would have been overlooked. We will capitalize on these key relationships and generate multiple revenue sources which we will use to fund future projects which will not only benefit our sovereign nations; but will benefit the world as well.

Our business philosophy is simple, "to always give our clients our very best efforts and to never make any promises we don't intend to keep."

Our business philosophy reflects our goal with every project in a wide array of services we offer. We strive to offer these services affordably to the Native American and Indigenous communities to enhance their livelihood and develop sustainable projects within their sovereign nations.

History has shown a "lack of trust" between our Native American and Indigenous nations and western society. It is our goal to bridge this barrier and to mediate between the two worlds. We believe that it is imperative to establish relationships with global entities to achieve this goal. Working together to create a brighter future for many and to help preserve our earth's natural resources, is vital for our future generations to come.

Through our strategic partnerships with both national and international corporate entities, organizations, and "like-minded" professional individuals; we have successfully become a one of kind multifaceted global platform company.

A monumental alliance virtually nonexistent within the realm of Native American and Indigenous communities, accomplished by a Native American owned corporation.

We offer an array of differentiated and niche services from national and international entertainment, marketing, publishing, program development, consulting, investment opportunities, capital funds acquisition, empowerment, film production, event planning and management, all the way to complete economic development utilizing the latest green technologies, and so much more.

What We Offer

Through our strategic alliances, we are uniquely able to offer an array of differentiated and niche services.

Music Group

Music Company with a strong position in several niche markets; discovering and developing music artists through it's subsidiary record label Nu Vizhn Records.

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Film Group

Full Production Company dealing in Feature Films, TV Sitcom Development, Video Production, Financing Acquisition, and more.

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Entertainment Group

Providing Talent and Talent Acquisition, Artist Features, Voice Overs, Music Placement, Tour Management, Event Services, Promotions, and more.

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Full Multi-Media Design Firm, specializing in Web, Graphic, Logo, Traditional Art, Mural, Tattoo, Air-Brush design, and printing services.

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Experiential Marketing Firm, specializing in social media, advertising, branding, public relations, and on-line marketing.

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Publishing arm of NV developing new creative works and protecting the rights of our Authors, Screenwriters, Songwriters, Composers and Artists.

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Program Development

Specializing in providing and developing "at risk" Youth Prevention Programs, Mentoring Programs, and an array of specialty culturally relevent programs.

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Strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, mergers, and acquisitions in multiple business platforms.

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Increasing the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes.

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Green Technologies

Providing Construction Services and Development Planning, utilizing the most innovative green technology for a clean and sustainable environment.

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Providing various investment opportunities, with an emphasis in discovering eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle opportunities.

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Capital Funding

Providing assistance to organizations or individuals who are seeking short or long term capital acquisition for various business ventures.

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Our Featured Project/Investment Opportunity

Nu Vizhn is constantly seeking to develop strategic partnerships with organizations or individuals who share a similar vision.